The Houses

Cinderheart – Cerberus, Red and Gray

Marewick – Kelpie, Green and Violet

Nahvalr – Narwhal, Blue and Gray

Puddlefoot – Purple Worm, Purple and Gold

Wigglebottom – Gelatinous Cube, Blue and Green

Ways to Earn Points

There are many ways to earn points for your house. Some of them are documented, others you will have to discover on your own. It is impossible to lose points.

Before GeeklyCon
  • Submitting a panel proposal, and having it accepted
  • Submitting an event proposal, and having it accepted
  • Submitting an outing proposal, and having it accepted
  • Submitting an application to be a volunteer
During GeeklyCon
  • Winning a House Challenge
  • Being awarded points by a prefect

How do Points Work?

Before GeeklyCon

Points awarded to houses will be added to the house totals.

During GeeklyCon

When you earn a point for your house, you will be handed a ticket. It is then your responsibility to add your ticket to your house’s ticket receptacle located in the main gaming room.

What is a Prefect?

Each house has a number of prefects. It is their job to award points to both their house and other houses. They are also people who can help you if you have general questions or issues at GeeklyCon.

Awarding of the Cup

During the farewell party, the points for each house will be tallied, and a house will be named the winner. The winning house will receive a small reward.