The House Cup is here to stay! You can read up on the House Cup rules here. The first step to joining in on the fun is to be sorted into your house.

The bonds formed at previous GeeklyCons are intense, and it can feel overwhelming as a new person to walk into a room full of people who all seem to be best friends. Many of us are a bit shy at the start, so how do we break in? The House Cup is designed to give new people a group to identify with, and a way to start forming these friendships before GeeklyCon starts. Many of the tasks in the House Cup will require you to work with members of other houses, allowing you to get to know even more people.

 While the houses below may appear to resemble houses from some popular books, you will not find a “smart” house or a “brave” house at GeeklyCon. All of the houses are filled with diverse groups of people, and all are welcoming and accepting. 

House Cinderheart

Yet another transcription has been completed from the recently found GeeklyCon cache. Like the House Marewick and House Puddlefoot installments, evidence of a third house winning a GeeklyCon contest has been unearthed. A 1999 press release from The Society for the Wellbeing of Animals in Anchorage Alaska (SWAAA), shed light on the victorious house, which was called Cinderheart. With the press release we also found a crest, depicting a Cerberus-like three-headed hell beast. See below for transcript and scan of the original document.

House Puddlefoot


Transcriptions have been completed on a second item from the recently found GeeklyCon cache. This news clipping comes from a local Boise, Idaho newspaper, and recounts the 1986 GeeklyCon tournament which was won by “House Puddlefoot”. This new house appears to have a purple worm for a mascot. See below for transcript and scan of the original document.

House Marewick


In an incredibly unlikely turn of events, we have unearthed a cache of historical documents from GeeklyCons long forgotten. We will be releasing them over the next few days as we scan and transcribe them. The first is a letter dated 1783, chronicling the winning of a competition, and existence of something called “House Marewick”. After a quick perusal, many of the documents are related to this tournament and other Geekly factions. The transcription will follow, along with a scan of the original documents.

House Nahvalr


We have uncovered more information about the final GeeklyCon House, as well as some interesting facts about the tournament. From a printed email from 2006, we learn that House Nahvalr was winning the House Cup when the tournament was abruptly canceled.  The reasons are still a mystery to us. We will continue to research and report on the cause of the cancellation when possible.

House Wigglebottom


In our second to last, or some would say penultimate installment of our series exploring a recently discovered cache of GeeklyCon memorabilia from days of yore. In this postcard from GeeklyCon Liverpool, a member of House Wigglebottom alludes to a prank played on “House Narvahl”, which we are assuming is a typo since that isn’t a word.