1. Why Rochester?

We’ve been doing this for years now, and we have learned quite a bit about what we want in a host city.  In the end, we’re going with Rochester for a myriad of reasons!

  • Being close to population centers is important to us to include as many people as possible. Rochester is in driving range for much of the north east, and also many places in the midwest.
  • We needed a top tier hotel, and the Woodcliff is truly amazing, and renting rooms is cheaper than previous years. It is also the perfect size for us, and we will likely be filling the whole thing up with Geeklies!
  • While the hotel isn’t in an urban environment, between food delivery services like GrubHub, free hotel parking, free shuttles to the hotel, downtown, and nearby mall, there should be plenty of options to eat! Plus, we will be bringing in food trucks for even more options!
2. When does GeeklyCon Start? What are the hours?

Registration hour:

  • Thursday: Noon – 5:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Game Room hours:

  • Thursday: Noon – Midnight
  • Friday: 24 hours
  • Saturday: 24 hours
  • Sunday: Until 5:00pm

Boardame Library sign-outs are available:

  • Thursday: Noon – 5:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Besides the large game room(s), there will also be a smaller room available to us for panels, and several quiet meeting rooms for intense role-play sessions.

3. What is currently planned? Is all of this set in stone?

We still have a ton of work to do. The dates and location are set in stone, but some of the rest of the details are still being worked on. We will send ticket holders the schedule when it is available. 

4. It’s my first year, what can I expect at GeeklyCon?

Hold onto your butts, we’ve got a wild weekend for you! Or, not wild if you prefer to sit said butt on a chair and play boardgames for every waking moment! We have a ton of people who occupy the game room the whole time and take advantage of the giant game library and myriad of GMs waiting to tell you a story. We also have a ton of people looking to get out on the town, check out the sites and hit up bars.  Whatever your con experience, you can be sure that you’ll make new friends. The Geekly community is incredible, inclusive and welcoming. Everyone is there to make new lifelong friends and have a great time!

5. I’m looking for a hotel roommate or rideshare partner(s), where can I find out about this?

Head over to Discord to check out the thread on ride shares and hotel shares!  Or if you have a ticket already, you can check out the dedicated channels in Discord.  Keep checking back for updates and post your own ad while you’re at it!

5. I want to DM a game and/or join a game.  How I do dis?

Once it is available, you can set up a game, or sign up to play in a game on the GeeklyCon calendar! Further planning is taking place in the GeeklyCon Discord.

6. I want to check out some cool stuff in the city of Rochester, what do you recommend?

Check out the schedule page for a list of outings and things to do around the city!

7.  Why should I get the Premium Ticket over the standard?

That swag!  Previous Years Included: Metal Dice, Flannel Shirt, Patches, Enamel Pins, Mini Louisville Slugger, Drink Koozies, Stickers, Dice Box, Flask, Dice, etc….

8.  I’m new to the Geekly Community, how can I meet people before Geeklycon to increase my funtimes?

Check out the GeeklyCon Discord! We also have private channels for all the GeeklyCon Houses, and the GeeklyCon general chat is always hopping! 

9.  I have a great idea! How do I turn my idea into an official panel, event, or outing?

We will announce to ticket holders when our panel submission form is available.

10.  What is Discord?

Discord is an online productivity program. We have one set up for GeeklyCon, and we will invite you once you have bought a ticket. If you download the app for your phone, we will be able to push important announcements to you during GeeklyCon itself. You can join Discord here. If you want to make some friends before the con, download Slack and come hang out!

11.  Is there a deadline for buying a ticket to GeeklyCon?

Sort of. There is always a chance we will sell out. Also, you get a free tshirt and swag bag if you order your ticket before May 1st. Tickets will continue to be available (and the price will be the same), but you will just not get the cool stuff. 

12.  Does the premium ticket include the kickoff party?

YES. BUT SO DOES THE STANDARD TICKET. Everyone gets to go to the kickoff party this year. It won’t just be drinking, we will be playing games, and even doing one of the big House competitions. You won’t want to miss it!