Board Game Library times

  • Thursday: 12pm-6pm
  • Friday: 10am-6pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 10am-4pm

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Hello Geeklies!

We know that the game room is a big part of GeeklyCon. There is always something going on so it’s an easy place to just drop in whenever you have some free time and want to hang out. It’s where you will meet new friends and hang out with people from Twitter or a previous GeeklyCon. And it’s where we hope that you’ll have a ton of fun playing games!

Here is an update on some of the things going on in the Game room for 2022!

COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

Please note that to register for GeeklyCon you will need to provide proof of vaccination.

Masks are required in all official GeeklyCon spaces, including the Board Game Room.

Temperatures will be checked upon entry to all GeeklyCon spaces, including the Board Game Room.

Game sign out 

  • The barcode system from 2019 drew rave reviews, so it is BACK!  Your GeeklyCon badge will include a barcode you can use to sign out and return games. In addition in helping to ensure all games return home to the library, This will allow us to keep better track of who has been playing which games in order to inform how we build the library. 
  • The Play to Win selection is back again this year. Sign out one of these games and add your name (and the other players’ names) to the form included in the box. We will randomly select a winner from these names on Saturday night, so if you do sign up then keep an eye or ear out for the winners.
  • We’ve also had an attendee generously donate a game to be given away during GeeklyCon! Check out the library for details on how to enter to win Marvel United!

Attendee games

  • We will NOT be using a sign out system for games brought in by attendees. In previous years we have attempted to do so with limited success, but it has been a bit overwhelming with people leaving their games in the game room over the whole event. We LOVE the spirit this brings to GeeklyCon, but we don’t have sufficient resources to supervise the game room for all available time periods. 
  • GeeklyInc will not be responsible for attendee games. There will be space for you to leave your games in the game room, but they will not be signed in or out and will not be directly supervised. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your games in the designated attendee game area, we suggest keeping them in your room, or taking advantage of the GeeklyCon library we have on hand! 

If you are planning on bringing your own games to leave in the game room then you can add them to the list here 

The Game Room will have at least one Crew present every day until 6pm to sign out games from the GeeklyCon library and help with any questions you might have. The room itself will also be open after 6pm to allow attendees a large and table-filled space to play their own games and congregate.

The Board Game Room will be open and unsupervised from 6pm-Midnight Thursday-Saturday.

House Cup Board Game Challenge

  • Each day there will be a list of challenges that you can complete for House Cup points, these include things like ‘Play a game with meeples’, ‘Play a horror-based game’, and ‘Play a game with a robot on the box’.
  • When you return a game if it has completed one of these challenges then you will be awarded with a House Cup point, anyone in your gaming party can get the point but they need to be present when the game is returned.
  • Only one point will be given per game, so playing a horror game that uses meeples and has a robot on the box will only give you 1 point.

We hope that this encourages people to play games that perhaps they usually wouldn’t, and some of the challenges offer a great way to meet new friends.

See y’all in Rochester!

John Caulfield & Mike McGinnis