Past House Cup Winners

2019: House Wigglebottom – Columbus, OH

The perennial underdogs did the impossible and pulled out a last-second single-digit victory. Michael DiMauro, not a member of either house was quoted as saying “Wigglebottom won because they made every point count, and also, they counted every point.”

2018: House Marewick – Columbus, OH

Edging out the reigning champions of House Puddlefoot by a single dart-throw, House Marewick entered the Hall of Fame by proving they were tops during the House Cup championship of 2018!

2017: House Puddlefoot – St Louis, MO

After an 11 year absence, the House Cup returned in 2017, and House Puddlefoot managed to come out on top. With a strong showing in all aspects of the tournament, and coming in second at pretty much every event, House Puddlefoot proved that there is value in being pretty good at everything.

Past GeeklyCons

History is extremely spotty before the reemergence of the House Cup in 2017. Here is what we know:

2007 – 2016: House Cup was not held

2006: No winner, tournament canceled – Bangalore – more details here

1999: House Cinderheart – Anchorage, AK – more details here

1987: Winner Unknown – Aspen, CO?

1986: House Puddlefoot – Boise, ID – more details here

1960: Wigglebottom – Liverpool, England – more details here

1959: House Nahvalr – Location Unknown

1784: Winner Unknown – Amsterdam?

1783: House Marewick – Budapest – more details here