GeeklyCon 2022

Our long international nightmare is finally over!* This July 14 – 17, GeeklyCon is back in its new home of Rochester, NY! We can’t wait to smoosh your dang faces once again.


GeeklyCon is an annual gathering of friends who are part of the GeeklyInc Podcast Network community. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming. The con focuses on playing table top RPGs like D&D, as well as card and board games. We have a growing video game section as well, which we expect to get even bigger now that we are in Rochester! We have a live show for our podcasts, a catered kickoff party, a karaoke night, and a farewell award ceremony. We also have outings, and a full schedule of panels covering all sorts of nerdy topics. Finally, all attendees are sorted into GeekyCon Houses, and compete throughout the weekend to win the House Cup.

I really enjoy GeeklyCon!

– Michael DiMauro


For 2022 we are in the Holiday Inn Rochester NY – Downtown.


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Tabletop RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Video Games…Meta Games? We have all of this stuff!